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Aviation Training Program

We offer comprehensive programs, yet flexible to accomodate career students. Feel free to talk to us, a customized training sessions. Our main objective is to have a fun learning enviroment, effective and geared towards having passionate and best students at the end. Our program is tailored around the following;

Private Pilot License | Commercial Pilot License | Flight Instructors Course | Instrument Rating | Flight Dispatch | Airline Transport Pilot's License 

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Private Pilot License (PPL)

Your Pilot Career starts here. 

Age 17 years and Above, KCSE mean grade C or equivalent Certificate with, minimum of C +. Valid Medical Certificate. National ID or Passport. 

Commercial Pilot License

The CPL Certificate is the 'professional flying career' certificate allowing you to be compensated as a pilot. During your course you will learn about the privileges and limitations you have as a Commercial Pilot, and receive in depth training in the systems and operations of your aircraft. You will learn to operate your aircraft to its maximum capabilities in high performance maneuvers and achieve a new level mastery and safety.

Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)

An Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) is the highest achievable licence that can be held by a civilian pilot. An ATPL is required to be the pilot-in-command of a multi-crew aircraft, be it a five seat Cessna Citation I or the worlds largest passenger aircraft - the Airbus A380.


Pilot in Command under supervision (NB: Or 250 hours as PIC, or made up by not less than 76 hours as PIC and the additional flight time as PIC in command) 500 Hours

Total Cross Country Flight Time (NB: Not less than 100 hours shall be as PIC or Co-Pilot under the supervision of the PIC, Provided that the method us acceptable by authority) 200 Hours

Instrument Flight Time: (NB: Not more thab 30 hours of synthetic flight training) 75 Hours

Total Flight Time Required for ATPL Issue 1500 hours

Flight Instructor

Flight Instruction comprises of 20 hours of flight training of which 15 hours will be dual instruction and 5 hours will be mutual flying with another student instructor or qualified FI to practice flight demonstartions. During the dual instruction, student instructor will learn how to demonstrate all of the PPL exercises evaluate a student's performance and correct student errors.


Holder of a KCAA Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Current medical certificate.

At least 10 hours of recent fligth time.

Prepared to pass stage one written exams and evaluation.

Prior to moving to stage two.

Instrument Rating (IFR)

Instrument rating refers to the qualifications that a pilot must have in order to fly under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules). It requires additional training and instruction beyond what is required for a Private Pilot certificate or Commercial Pilot certificate, including rules and procedures specific to instrument flying, additional instruction in meteorology, and more intensive training in flight solely by reference to instruments


Course Duration

Instrument Rating 40 Hours Flight Time

Flight Dispatch

A flight dispatcher assists in planning flight paths, taking into account aircraft performance and loading, enroute wind, thunderstorm, and turbulence forecasts, and airport conditions. Dispatchers also provide a flight following service and advise pilots if conditions or paths change. They usually work in the operations center of the airline.


Course Duration

Flight Dispatch 6 Months Grounds

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